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Our Cookies

At La Biscuitery, from the moment you pass your order, we strive to make your cookie experience the tastiest and freshest! All cookie packages (box, 6-pack & 2-pack) are baked, cooled and sealed right away to ensure freshness. All our cookies have a 14 days minimum shelf life; we will never ship cookies below 9 days conservation even though we know they won’t last in your home or office more than a day!

So thank you for shopping at La Biscuitery, you can rest assured that you will receive real homemade cookies.

  • We only use organic cane sugar to sweeten our cookies
  • We never compromise on quality, only the finest ingredients go in our creations
  • They don’t contain any artificial colour, artificial flavour or preservatives
  • All our cookies are produced in small batches for the highest quality control
  • We add our human touch and make them by hand
  • We put a lot of love in our cookies because we love what we do