About LB

La Biscuitery is a family business that creates delicious treats, with a pinch of decadence and lots of refinement. Every step of the way, a family member ensures quality, selection of the best ingredients, respect of the tradition and guarantees the amount of love put in every single bite.

“Our story goes back to 1975, when our mom, Grace, travelled to Cannes in France with her family, to escape war-torn Lebanon. Her own mother had always baked her some French pastry inspired desserts. In the South of France, Grace discovered new varieties of sweet delicacies, including the unavoidable Mille-feuille dessert, which she fell in love with. When heading back to Beirut in 1977, she had many recipes in her notebook!

In the early ’90s, our family moved to Canada. Being a food conscientious mother, our mom always paid attention to ingredients when doing groceries; she found it difficult to find healthy and natural ones when it came to sweet snacks. Grace’s solution: rekindle with her passion on a more practical basis and bake us cookies for school! 

Her famous notebook had always some recipe ready to cater to our biggest sweets cravings and she didn’t lack imagination too for creating seasonal cookies. Unfortunately, once we graduated, our mom gradually stopped baking cookies…

With a little curiosity on our part, and as her mother did before, she started teaching us the art of patisserie. In this process, she not only shared her recipes (and secrets!) but also transmitted her love of baking sweets and cookies to us!

In early 2015, the idea of sharing Grace’s cookies started to develop… and that’s how we founded La Biscuitery, with one objective in mind: share with the world the wonderful childhood memories of baking pastries with the family.”

Yoanna & Rudy